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Jio Hazaaro Saal

Jio Hazaaro Saal

-Chinmay Bajpai

The Man behind the first Indian fortune 500 company - Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani (Dhirubhai)

"My Bro Dhiru was a Badass"


The world seems a small place when you're set out to conquer it, is what Alexander the great of Macedon thought to himself every day. Centuries later, history decided to repeat itself. In a small town of Chorwad in Gujarat, the great Indian pioneer Dhirubhai was born to a school teacher. Right from the very start, he was aware of the insufficiencies that his family had to face because of the meagre incomes that a middle-class man earned at the time.

He took up clerical jobs in Aden, Israel to support his family back in India. The company which he served dealt with trading goods to American, European and African markets. Curious to understand the trading business, he soon joined a Gujarati trading firm. It was there he learned book keeping, statistic analysis and pragmatic investment. He soon started expanding his horizons by investing into various sectors and soon became one of the biggest businessmen of the world.

Okay, it might not have been that easy. But, we don't narrate stories.

This goes out to everyone out there.

See, the life you're living is limited. Maybe there's something called as afterlife, maybe there's nothing after this. But this moment that you have here is precious because there's a hundred percent surety that this exists. You exist. So, make use of yourself. Build something, do something, question yourself if you were born just to die one day.

We at Inspire believe that everyone is a poet and everyone has a story to tell. Some stories are written down in books while others remain virtues to the heart. Our bro Dhiru once said "Build your own dreams or else someone will hire you to build theirs". We believe that everyone has some of these cool quotes inside their heads but they choose to stay quiet. Don't be quiet. The life we live is designed and structured by people who were no smarter than us so we can always change it, manipulate it and tweak it. Don't be afraid to stand out. It don't matter homie what the crowd says, because it's gon go on talking anyway.

So, we hope you stop being dimwits and start enjoying the ride. As for us, its like what the great philanthropist Barney-wait-for-it-Stinson once said " Think of us as Yoda, only instead of being little and green we wear Suits and we're Awesome. We're your bro. We're Broda."