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About Us


We, at the Entrepreneurship Cell of S.P.I.T, strive to generate enthusiasm and awareness about start ups and entrepreneurship in our college.


To encourage students to instill an entrepreneurial mindset and provide all possible guidance along the way. ‎


To create a self sustaining entrepreneurial community in our college which can work towards making it a better place to be in!

Upcoming Events

ICICI StockMind

ICICI StockMind

Last week, Jan, 19

This is a chance for students to make or break their profits by placing money on a Virtual Stock Market, while they follow the ups and downs of the market, buy and sell at the right moments and predict the future of the market based on demand and news.


Case Study

First week, Feb, 2019

Analyse, strategise, revolutionise. A contest that judges the analytical, logical and presentation skills of the participants, Case Study promotes out of the box thinking to overcome problems with practical yet innovative solutions.

IPL Auction

IPL Auction

20th Feb, 2019

IPL Auction is a mock bidding game where students strategise to form the best possible team and engage in heated bidding wars, while taking statistical data and other factors into consideration. At the end, the best team shall win.

Food Challenge

Food Challenge

22nd Feb, 2019

A good crowd loves a good feast, but handling the pressure of cooking and serving during rush hour requires several skills. Food Challenge gives a chance to students to test their skills on S.P.I.T’s official “No Tiffin Day”. Participants not only get to keep their profits, but also take home a tiffin full of memories!